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The low-profile design is designed to fit underneath welding masks. They can help filter out airborne particulates. Filters are also available for use against nuisance levels of organic vapors, acid gases, and ozone. Use with compatible air-purifying respirator filters.

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Manufacturer and Series-Specific Respirator Replacement Parts (182) Supplied Air Airline Respirators and Ambient Air Pumps (119) Reusable Air Purifying Respirator Cartridges and Filters (110) Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) and Cartridges (109)

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Reusable respirator cartridges and filters purify the air in workplace environments that contain heavy dust, fumes, gases and vapors. Cartridges and filters are available in different types. Some cartridges filter out gas and vapors, while others filter out only organic vapors. Filters typically protect against dust particulates and non-oily mists.

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Our New Survivair® System of Respirators is Designed to Give You a Better Fit. Survivair has been protecting firefighters from smoke, fumes and toxic gases, and industrial workers against respiratory hazards in all kinds of environments since 1981. Willson® has been manufacturing respirators

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NIOSH approved when used with our Supplied Air Respirators Constructed from rugged polyvinyl chloride and reinforced with braided polyester yarn Hoses provide a temperature range from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit

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This page provides information charts for North & 3M respirator cartridges and filters. These reference guides will help you chose what type of respirator cartridge or filter you need per situation.

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Particulate respirators are the simplest, least expensive solution commonly used in less harmful environments. Particulate respirators filter out dusts, fumes and mists. Dispose when they become discolored, damaged or clogged. See our collection of Nuisance Dust Masks, N95, R95 and P100 Particulate Respirators. Valved respirators also available.

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Honeywell™ Sperian™ S-Series Cartridges and Filters Survivair S-Series Screw-On Cartridges thread easy for tightening cartridge on seal. † OSHA regulations require gasproof goggles be worn when half-mask respirators are used for protection against formaldehyde. Provide Content Correction.

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Our Shop. Shop Categories. 3M 501 Filter Retainer for 3M Reusable Respirators(Pack of 2) 501 Filter retainer for 3M reusable respirators- Box of 2. Used more to clamp particulate pre-filters on to gas& vapour filters. Click an Image to Enlarge Our preferred method of payment is PayPal. The safest and easiest way to pay for goods on !

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Honeywell Survivair HEPA Filter For PAPR System (For HE Air Purifying Respirator) Survivair Low cost High Efficiency filter is for use with PAPR systems and consolidates inventory and reduces costs. *May Require a 2 week lead time.

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Survivair N99 Filter Pad. Product Description:NIOSH approved particulate filter pads. - Fits Survivair half and full masks - Thread easily for tightening on seal - 95% or 99% efficient against solid particulates and non-petroleum based liquid aerosols - 20 PER BOX

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NIOSH approved when used with our Supplied Air Respirators Constructed from rugged polyvinyl chloride and reinforced with braided polyester yarn Hoses provide a temperature range from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit

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Respiratory Protection. The Honeywell Store offers reusable and disposable respirators that blend comfort and reliability to keep workers safe and productive. Honeywell Respirators incorporate new low-profile cartridges that allow for an increased field of vision.

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Respirator Filters. Respirator cartridges are removable, exchangeable plastic pieces that are eventually soiled and replaced. You can extend the life of your respirator cartridges with a pre filter and add an additional layer of protection with a N95 or P100 HEPA filter.

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Survivair Opti-Fit CBRN Gas Mask / NBC Respirator with Drinking System BUILT-IN (Size:Medium – #769020). 40mm NATO CBRN-rated gas mask w 3 40mm Filter Ports. The Flagship Protective Mask from Sperian Protection / Survivair. Model 7690 CBRN Full-Facepiece Respirator. 40mm NATO NIOSH CBRN Certified Gas Mask.

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life information and storage cond itions. The shelf life determinat ion for each respirator model wi ll be product specific, based on material components and testing. As 3M evaluates shelf life, we are also doing so based on the respirator as a system, and not solely focusing on filter media.